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EV & Autonomous Testing

EV Testing

EV Charging Solutions Where You Need It: MITRP offers EV chargers in 7 separate locations throughout the campus. Our hardware can help electric vehicle manufacturers achieve high standards of equipment performance, usability and security, providing a seamless charging experience. MITRP empowers forward-thinking businesses to build a sustainable future by providing electric charging capabilities and flexible solutions. Our chargers are available in Level 2 7kw and 150kw DC fast charging.

Autonomous Testing

With the rapid development of autonomous vehicles using Advanced Driver Assistance Systems like adaptive cruise control, road boundary detection, adaptive suspensions, and crash avoidance systems, the probability of increasing safety and reducing road accidents is high.

Michigan Technical Resource has a focus on supporting the testing of these systems. Our test tracks offer a variety of lane striping to allow these relative lane detection systems a variety of road conditions that one can encounter while driving. MITRP has both painted and unpainted roads as well as curved and straight high speed and low speed roads in different conditions.

MITRP also offers controlled road surfaces testing like wash board, chuck holes, bumps and humps. We have railroad crossing and Burma roads also to test adaptive suspension systems. Michigan Technical Resource Park has a real focus for Autonomous vehicle systems.

Real World Vehicles, Real World Testing

Michigan Technical Resource Park representatives can quickly assist you in with all of your vehicle testing needs.

Our 332 acre privately owned facility is located in southeast Michigan, just north of Toledo, Ohio, and less than a one hour drive from Detroit Metro Airport.

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