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On-Road Vehicle Testing

On-road Courses

From autonomous vehicle systems testing to brake testing, Michigan Technical Resource Park is the ideal proving ground for automotive and commercial vehicles.

Oval track
Oval track

Test your vehicle at speeds up to 90 MPH with this three lane, 1.75 mile concrete track with a ½ mile straightaway. The oval track also includes a 6 degree, 15 minute track bank and 12 degree, 30 minute substended spirals.

Durability route
Durability Route

Assess and evaluate the durability of your vehicle with this 5 mile unimproved gravel road course. This track is designed to replicate real world usage so that you can determine reliability and longevity. Put your vehicle to the test with this gravel surface designed for maximum durability test acceleration rates.

Burma road
Burma Road

Your vehicle should be tested on a variety of surfaces. Push it to the limit on 300 feet of cobblestone. To ensure stability of the course surface, cobblestones are embedded into a concrete base.

Grade hill
Grade Hill

Try our grade hill course, complete with a concrete portion at 20% and 30% grade, and an earth portion at 45% and 60% grade. Perfect for testing brakes, clutch, driveline loading, shocks, and more.

Rail road tracks & potholes
Rail Road Tracks & Potholes

Our rail road crossing or potholes simulation course is set up to evaluate vehicle stability, safety, endurance, reliability, and ride comfort.

Altoona Test-coming 2023

Water Feature-coming 2023

Split Mu-coming 2023

Real World Vehicles, Real World Testing

Michigan Technical Resource Park representatives can quickly assist you in with all of your vehicle testing needs.

Our 332 acre privately owned facility is located in southeast Michigan, just north of Toledo, Ohio, and less than a one hour drive from Detroit Metro Airport.

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